Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Mending

More progress made during Mending Week

Before is here


These shorts were originally pants that I made B back in January.  She's gained quite a bit in height since then so the length wasn't working but the fit in the waist was still fine.  I cut the legs off the pants so that the inseam was approx. 4 inches and then used ribbon to finish the hems.  I suffered a moment of cleverness and decided to cut vents in the outside seam and cover those with ribbon too.  It ended up working but isn't quite what I had in mind.  I'm thinking of going back and making a closure of some kind at the bottom of the vent to rein the fullness in.  Altering the pants took longer than I thought so I didn't get started on fixing K's Easter Dress.  It's probably best that I didn't as now I can have her try it on before I start cutting. 


  1. Great fix!! Really cute little model!

  2. This is a great fix too! Thanks for joining us for Mending Week. We're so glad a few people came along for the ride :-) Have a good weekend.


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