Thursday, June 17, 2010

My favorite color... blue!  P has switched allegiance from green to blue.  He's fine with the shirt but I still think I'm going to make it again and fix the things I'm not happy with.  I'm going to increase the seam allowances when I cut the fabric and decrease my seam allowances just a hair when I sew it.  I'm also going to stabilize the seams since all 3 of the fabrics are rib knits.  That should eliminate the little bit of rippling across the front.  And I'll add an extra inch or so of length so the shirt is not outgrown in a few months. 

I've also pulled out my smocking I'd been working at and remembered why I hadn't finished it.

I ran out of embroidery thread and neither my mom or myself has that exact shade.  What a shame, since there's not much left to do!  I need to make a trip to the fabric store this weekend anyways for swim elastic so hopefully, I can find the shade I need.


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  1. I like the shades of blue together... my favourite colour, also.


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