Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Gilda Bikini, Front

I made B a new swimsuit yesterday at my parents and started on K's.  It got later and later and I really wanted to finish it before heading home.  At 7:30pm, I said if I wasn't done by 8 I was leaving.  8 o'clock came and went.  I was so close to getting the top done and then the I'm-trying-to-finish-this-quickly mistakes started to happen.  By 8:40pm and with M getting whiny, I admitted defeat and headed home with the kids.  Luckily, we live 5 minutes away so the kids were tucked into bed by 9pm.

This morning, I finished K's swimsuit just in time for her to wear it swimming at a friend's house.

Ottobre Design #39 03/09 Gilda Bikini

Usually with OD patterns, I trace a 140 for K.  This time around I double checked her hip and chest measurements and decided to use a 134.  It was a good choice as the swimsuit fits perfectly.  I lined the top's front and the entire bottoms.  Next time around, I'llt make my seam allowances on the bottoms wider to give a little more coverage.  I found the instructions to be confusing.  I didn't really understand what I was supposed to do for the gathering so I did my own thing.  I used 2 strips of lastin on either side of the top's front middle to gather the fabric.  Also, I swear that the instructions never said how to sew the crotch seam...then again, it could have been me rushing and not reading thoroughly.  I'm happy with how it turned out and love the combo of Chez Ami fabrics.   K confirms that the swimsuit works well for swimming! 

B's swimsuit is from Ottobre Design 02/04.  I made it last year in a size 92 and it was getting too small for adequate coverage.  So, I traced a 98...

Don't you just love my groovy 70's Harvest Gold bathroom!

I could have gotten away with tracing the next size up.  It's a little low in the neckline and a little snug in the bottom.  She'll be okay for now but any growth spurts and that's it for this swimsuit.  I haven't tried it on M yet but I hope it fits.  I have another swimsuit in the same size cut out but with the floral for the top and the dots for the bottom.

I used a three step zigzag for applying the lastin and for applying the binding on the bikini.  On my previous swimsuit sewing experience, I had used a regular zigzag.  The three step is a definite improvement.  Usually for stretching fabrics, I use a walking foot.  This time around I used a regular foot and it worked fine.  Sewing swimsuits is easier than it looks and well worth doing.


  1. excellent job on the swimsuits!!! they are adorable. your dd's aren't too bad either. ;)

    little girl swimsuits are so easy to make and fit so much better than the RTW. love that CA fabric too.

  2. Oh! those are so cute! I think I even have that fabric! It's Chez Ami, right? I really like the shorty bottoms. I need to go look at that pattern to see how big it goes. I'd love to make that for my dd.

  3. amazing that you can make swimsuits too!! love the fun colors you chose.

  4. If you found the instructions confusing, what hope would the rest of us have!!! They both look great!!!


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