Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yucky Day

Overcast, rainy days don't lend themselves well to SNS pictures.

"Eliza" dress #35 Ottobre Design 03/09 size 140
I did not sew the blue dress, my mom did. 

I'll post pictures of K wearing the dress on Friday.  She had Grandma stitch the top of the pleats together as she didn't like how they flopped down and open.  I bought K new sandals to wear with the dress too.  Words can't even begin to describe how excited she is to have a special graduation outfit! 

03/10 "Beat" T-shirt
P's new  It looks better on than hanging, never mind the water spots from me using the iron before it was heated up enough and being too lazy to let them dry before snapping a picture.  I sewed a size 134 (usually I do a 128 for P) and it's tighter and shorter than I like.  P picked the colors out himself...the lightest blue is from Chez Ami and the other 2 are from  He wore it yesterday after I finished it and got strawberry stains all down the front.  I threw it in the washer/dryer this morning and when I took the shirt out, one of my mistakes became obvious.  I didn't catch enough of the light blue at the top of the neckline when I put the ribbing on.  After fiddling with it a little this morning, I ended up making a taking a wider seam allowance.  I'm going to have P try it on again tonight and re-evaluate the fit.  It's probably going to end up being given away to a smaller boy.  I have plenty of the fabric so making a bigger one won't be a problem.

I've also been working on the 2+2 tops.  I'm hoping for some quiet time this afternoon to finish them up.  A little sunshine would be nice too!


  1. Such a pretty dress (Go, Grandma!) and I love the tee. I really need to haul this issue out and look at it again. The first time through nothing excited me.

  2. The dress is beautiful...did she use anything special to keep the pleats crisp? I like the way she sewed down the top of the pleats. It looks neater like that.
    I love the t-shirt too, the colours are great...lucky boy, who gets it.


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