Friday, July 2, 2010


I finished the other one piece swimsuit for M yesterday afternoon.  Just in time for swimming at a friend's pool.  All 3 girls wore their coordinating swimsuits.  I wish I'd had my camera because it was awfully cute!  I have a little sewing to wrap up today...a khaki pair of shorts for B and a few repairs to some favorite shirts.  That will be the last sewing from me for a while.

We're headed out on our big trip in a couple of days.  I'm going to try and blog every few days about our trip here if you're interested but it depends on Internet access and how tired I might be. 

It'll be time to start planning fall/winter sewing by the time we get back.  I'm going to start trying to sew for myself a little more.  Yesterday, while shopping at Barnes & Noble for the kids, I found Sew U Home Stretch in the bargain books section for a whopping $6.98!  It'll be nice to have some basic patterns that I can build off of. 

So, that's it from me about sewing until August.  Hasta la vista!

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