Thursday, August 19, 2010

Angie from Brooklyn Muslin

My first attempt at this shirt...

Using the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love I traced off the front, back, and front binding pieces from the Brooklyn Tank Top and the front and back pattern pieces from the Brooklyn Shrug.  I'm a little rusty after not sewing for over a month and it showed.  What should have taken me 1-2 hours to sew, took me most of the day.  My first mistake...sewing the front piece of the shrug onto the wrong place on the back.  If I'd bothered to look in the book, I wouldn't have done it!  My second mistake was forgetting to place the hook on the walking foot onto the needle screw.  I didn't realize that until I was almost done with the top.  Whoops!  That explains why the walking foot wasn't "walking".


The top is too big because I traced a larger size than what M usually wears.  Looking at the pattern pieces, the tank top looked too small in the 98/104 size.  I can't stand to spend time making something (even if it's only a muslin) and have it not fit because it's too small.  Based on how it turned out though, the 98/104 would have been just right.  Live and learn!  I'll do a few modifications next time.  I'd like the back seam to have a little curve to it and for the sleeves to be more cap like.  Also, it would be fun to add an embellishment to the front seams.  Maybe some ric-rac?  M likes the top despite it's current flaws so I guess I need to get to work on attempt #2!


  1. I think it's really cute, too. If M likes it that's really all that matters.


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