Monday, August 23, 2010

Angie from Brooklyn, Revised

I had one problem on my second attempt.  Originally, I had the sleeves cut from the same color as the body but after a mistake while sewing them on I had to scrap them.  The pink fabric was from an old shirt of mine and there wasn't enough yardage to cut another set out.  Boo hoo. So I grabbed this green from my scrap bag and I think it worked out fine.
This top fits better than the my first attempt even though it's not laying completely smooth in the pictures.  Miss Malone was more than happy to wear the shirt and pose for photos but she did a lot of silly contortions in between that wrinkled up the shirt.:)  Since the last one was a little too big, I took my pattern pieces and cut off the seam allowances.  Also, while sewing the side seams this time around I took it in some right under the arm pits.  When I gave the shirt to M to try on she told me, "Mommy, it needs a butterfly or a flower on the front!".  Yes, Miss Malone it does.


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