Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Organized before Jumping In

I've traced a few of the patterns that I have on my to-sew list but that's it for any sewing related activities.  Instead, I've spent the last few days organizing various "hot spots" around the house.  One in particular...the garage.

Saturday, my husband and I took almost everything out so we could de-clutter and clean. 

We discovered a few items that had gone "missing" including a baby carrier I had borrowed when Miss M was a baby and thought it had been returned.  Sorry Jenn!  We ended up with a load that's bound for the dump and have several bags filled for the next charity that is picking up donations.  The kids can now all easily access their bikes and toys and there's even room to park a car if we were so inclined. 

I don't know about anyone else but it's hard for me to jump into a new project when there's junk everywhere.  To me, the mess clutters up my mind because I have a tendency to fret over all that needs to be done and I don't have the mental room to plan/execute a new project.  And with a house full of kids, tiny areas of clutter have a way of exponentially increasing until they threaten to take over the entire house or in this case, the garage. 

With the garage taken care of, I'm hoping that Wednesday I'll have time to cut into some fabric and start sewing.  I have an idea on how to recreate this top...
...with the merger of 2 patterns I already have.   I'm trying real hard to cut back on purchasing new patterns and fabric and to instead work with what I have on hand.  I'll let you know how that goes...I'm expecting a rather large order from Chez Ami any day now!*blush*

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  1. Ah, we've been doing that to our garage lately, too. Only, we're not finished. I don't work well with clutter, either. I have to come to terms with the fact that, with 5 small kids, my house is never going to be clutter free. Good thing my sewing room isn't in the garage!


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