Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm back!

We arrived home from our almost month long journey last week and are right back into the fast lane of life.   I had a fabulous time on the trip.  Here are a few pictures from it with the kids wearing clothes I've sewn.  If you're interested in seeing/reading about the trip in it's entirety, I kept a separate blog for that:

K at City Museum in St. Louis, MO

Kids with their Great-Grandma

The morning the above picture was taken, we were at my cousin's house eating breakfast.  She knows I sew and had asked P if I ever sewed for him.  He tells her that I made everything he had on.  I walk in and my cousin is telling me how impressed she is with my sewing and that P had shared that I sewn the entire ensemble he was wearing.  I turned to P, "I ordered those shorts from Old Navy!".  He mumbled something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like, "How was I supposed to know?".  The tag that says Old Navy in the shorts perhaps?:)

K's swimsuit in action in CO

Garden of the Gods in CO

Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD

Now that we're back home and unpacked, my thoughts have turned to fall sewing.  K and P are pretty much set at this point.  The little girls have plenty of clothes but they're a random mix of hand-me-downs and sale items so there's not a real sense of mix-and-match unless you're pairing tops with plain jeans.  I've been digging through all the OD issues we have and going through my fabric stash trying to pick out a few pieces to sew that will bring the clothes the girls have together.  When I have a semblance of a plan, I'll post it!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip, although I imagine you're a little tired (:

    I love that your son just assumes you made whatever he's wearing.

  2. Hi the swimsuit is just gorgeous, how do you find Ottobre sewing patterns compared to Oliver + S. Are they beginner friendly? and do you have any tips for sewing on stretch fabrics? Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Thank you for the kind comments!

    madebymum~Ottobre Design has some patterns that are beginner friendly. They recently started "Ottilia Sews!" where they take one pattern and show step by step construction pictures and descriptions on their blog. From the recent issue:

    Compared to Oliver + S, you have to trace the patterns off and since there's a large variety of sizes on the sheets and they're overlapping, it can be confusing. You also have to add seam allowances. There are no illustrations to the the pattern instructions and the instructions themselves tend to be rather brief. It was a little daunting the first few patterns I sewed. That said, I think the value is pretty darn good considering how many patterns you get in one magazine and the variety of sizes. Also, there are offerings for both boys and girls in each issue and the styling tends to be more trendy which is perfect for my tween. This group: has been a huge help and if you join and search the data bases there's a ton of information that's helpful.

    If I have time later today, I'll post a picture of a pattern sheet.

    As for sewing with stretch fabrics...
    The biggest help for me has been to use a walking foot. Also, when doing hems using a double needle if you don't have access to a coverstitch machine. Probably most important, make sure you use a stretch or ball point needle instead of a universal to prevent holes in your fabric. Hope that helps!

  4. thanks so much for all the help.


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