Monday, August 9, 2010

My Fall Sewing Plans...Kind of, Sort of

I've been digging through my fabric stash and perusing all the patterns I have trying to come up with a plan for my next few sewing projects.  I really need to branch out and start sewing for myself but it's satisfying to sew for the kiddos since fit isn't quite as hard and the amount of time/fabric required is significantly less. 

Also, our couches are looking pretty forlorn.  After all, with 4 kids and one gigantic indoor dog you can't expect the furniture to look brand new.  I've been meaning to tackle slipcovers for oh, 5 years or so.  I'm convinced that this winter will be the year I start  accomplish that goal.  But back to the fall sewing, here are my starting fabrics...

I ordered the green animal print fleece a year or two ago because I thought it was cute.  Last fall, I considered making a hoodie from it but the little girls had ton of hooded sweatshirts.  Luckily growth spurts mean they don't have a plethora of hoodies so I'm thinking this pattern: 
06/09 #8
Technically both little girls are in a size 98 but I've never had an Ottobre Design pattern be too skinny so I think if add a little length to the body and the sleeves I'll be okay. 

The rust is a a bottom weight and I'm thinking pants.  Whenever I originally purchased the rust and fleece fabric I was thinking of making a mix-and-match fox/outdoor/fall/hunting themed "collection".  In the spirit of this line from Gymboree...  Obviously, I never got around to it  and neither of the girls need an entire collection of clothes for the fall this year but I'm still going to make something from it.  I haven't decided which pants pattern.  Possibly the Oliver + S sailboat pants or maybe these...
01/10 #13

I'll use the brown knit that is in the fabric photo for leggings, maybe these since they are a little more interesting that regular leggings...
01/10 #18

The green knit will become a basic long sleeve shirt with perhaps some fun embroidery?


A green shirt will go with rust pants and a pair of pants from the acorn print corduroy.  I'm considering trying this pattern for the pink woven print...
01/08 #16 
The solid pink lycra would be for a regular old long sleeve t-shirt.  It could be used for layering under the print blouse or on it's own with the acorn print.  It would also work under this top from the recent Sew Beautiful magazine...
made out of this...

I'm not doing a SWAP but rather a few pieces here and there that will help expand what the girls already have.   Cool weather is still months away but it's nice to have an idea of what I'll be sewing.  There's still at least 2 months to enjoy the beach like B...

eta:  Here are a couple of pics for madebymum  from an Ottobre Design issue to give you an idea of what the pattern sheets and instructions look like.


  1. Looks like a great plan. I love your fabric choices

  2. That raglan shirt with a tie on one shoulder is a wonderful pattern! I've made it several times and I love it. It's very easy, very versatile, and looks super cute on!

    I made overalls from that acorn print corduroy a couple years ago and got lots of wear out of it. It's a nice weight for fall because you can wear it with short or long sleeved t-shirts and tights underneath when it's too cold.

    Do you have a pattern you're thinking of using for a slip cover? I have two commercial patterns for slip covers that I'd be more than happy to send you. I don't think I'll ever be using them.

    Best of luck with your sewing!

  3. You are going to be busy, thanks for the pics.

  4. In my wanderings across the internet, I found this blog that shows an easy way to do slipcovers. My mom has several patterns/books but they've intimidated me every time I try and get serious about slipcovering our furniture. What's holding me back right now is choosing fabric. I love the look of white denim but realistically, with the amount of black dog hair that is always in our house no matter how much I vacuum and brush the dog I can't see it being pratical. I've considered outdoor fabric for the durablility, blue denim (not sure how much I'd like it), drop cloths, and every shade of twill out there. And my mind isn't made up yet!lol Thanks for the offer though.:)


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