Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sailboat Pants

Size 4

I love the look of these pants but sadly the smallest size off the pattern I have is still a tad too big for my little girls.  M was swimming in the pants when I had her try them on yesterday.  I might try using wider seam allowances when I sew another pair and see if that helps with the fit.  I should have taken a picture of the inside.  I sewed at my parents' house yesterday so I took advantage of the serger and finished all the seams and the inside is as tailored as the outside!

I've been hauling patterns/fabric back and forth to my parents' house trying to get excited about sewing fall clothes.  Eh, it hasn't really happened.  I signed up to play the Stash Game over at sewingmamas so that's put any plans of starting fall sewing into a holding pattern until Sept.1.  I do have a few projects to tide me over...a backpack for M for Kindergarten and finishing a smocked top.  The backpack is cut out but I need a few things from the fabric store (piping, heavier interfacing, buckles) before I start on it.  The top's smocking is done which is half the battle.  Now I need to cut out the other pattern pieces and sew it together.  I haven't tackled blocking and sewing a smocked insert yet.  Usually, I hand that off to my mother and let her do it.  It'll be fun to to work through the process and learn how to do it myself.


  1. Very cute pants! At least they came out too big and not too have a strange way of, you know, GROWING!

    I have had my fall sewing planned and even cut out for more than a month and I only just found time to sit down at my sewing machine yesterday. It wasn't so much a lack of desire on my part, just no time! Baby has learned to crawl and is in to EVERYTHING, so I can't turn my back for a moment, let alone the time it takes to sew! And of course he and his big sister never take naps at the same time. But, sewing has happened and will happen despite it all! :-)

  2. Those pants are so cute! I've been on a sailor kick lately...

    Just finished my last summer garment a few minutes ago. Today there was a chill in the air and I need to dive into fall sewing quick.


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