Thursday, September 16, 2010

Help me!

This is the fabric combination I have for K's Jump Rope Dress, View B.  The main dress is red corduroy with the gingham being used for the inside placket and for the trim at the pocket openings.  I didn't get a chance to measure the sleeve length for her before cutting the dress out and sure enough, they are not going to be long enough.  Adding fabric to the sleeve edges is an easy fix but my dilemma is which fabric should I use.   Keep in mind that she's 11 years old.

 Stick to the solid red or use the gingham? 

I'm really hoping to finish all 3 dresses today.  There should be plenty of sewing time and for once, there's no football or volleyball practices tonight to rush off too.  BK's dress is the closest to being finished so I tried it on her this morning...

Not a morning person!:-)

ETA:  I waited until K came home and asked her which she preferred....RED!


  1. My first reaction is to say the gingham...but at 11 maybe not. It is on the pockets though so I think I'd still say gingham :) I love how you're able to use this for little girls and older - very cute!

  2. Oh dear! I presume you mean the long sleeves? In which case I would use the corduroy. However if you mean the short sleeves, I would use the gingham for the cuff part.
    Otherwise if you do mean the long sleeves, have you considered making the short sleeve instead. I made M the short sleeve which she will wear over long sleeved tops.

  3. I'd ask her which she would rather have. I think either would look great, though. What a cute little one in her dress. Love the fabric combination!

  4. Suzanne, My first inclination was the gingham and if it were for one of the 2 younger girls, it would definitely be gingham.

    Millie, K doesn't really like to layer clothing so much...I tried that with the fall SWAP for last year. She wears the individual pieces but not the combinations. And yes, it's long sleeves.

    Julia, Ha! It completely slipped my mind to ask her! I was hoping to have the dress finished before she came home but discovered I didn't even have buttons and I'm running out of red thread. So, I have one dress completed and will hopefully finish the other 2 today or over the weekend.

  5. this is a beautiful shade of red I would stick with the solid version. Good luck I am sure it will be great.


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