Thursday, September 23, 2010

KCWC: Day 3's result

Meh.  I'm not too fond of how the pants look.  Originally, the fabric I chose reminded me of a pair of rust breeches I used to wear back in the day.

Now, the pants are overwhelming me with how orange they are.

And surprise, surprise, some older Gymboree pieces that I picked up at a consignment sale that would coordinate with the horrid rust pants are looking suspiciously small on B.  Apparently, my giant has grown even more in the last month and with cold weather still at least a month away I'm thinking we're not going to get much wear from them. 

I like the pockets on the back though...

And these leaf buttons I used are a fun touch...

Maybe if I add a little applique or embellishment on the front of the pants it'll tone down the overwhelming wash of color?

edited to add:  I went back and added a little something to the front and that turned into my day 4's work too.

B's a trooper!  She'll model a turtleneck and long pants when it's 90 degrees out as long as I offer a Starburst as a


  1. I think they look great! Very orange but a little girl can get away with it. An applique will be really cute but they'll still be orange :)

  2. They look great with the applique! Great work.


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