Monday, September 20, 2010

Last but not Least...

The final Jump Rope Dress modelled by my ham K.

I've traded red thread and fuzz for rust thread and fuzz as I embark on my next sewing project..."Puolukkapuuro" corduroy pants from Ottobre Design 01/10 #13.  I managed to finish K's dress and cut out the pants this afternoon.  Plus, I started sewing on the pockets.  If only we didn't have football tonight, they'd be finished!


  1. Love the pictures!! Looks like she loves it!

  2. What a great model! The dress is wonderful. How old did you say she is? 10? Maybe my 10 year old granddaughter would like this dress. She's rather picky.

  3. Well, it even looks really nice in a big girl's dress (i.e. not too cutesy). Looks like she likes it!


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