Monday, September 13, 2010

A little progress on the sew-along

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I finally sat down to sew this afternoon. School last week kicked my behind. I'm hoping this week that we (meaning me) will adjust to the new routine a little better and that I'll start sewing every afternoon while the last one at home naps. One can dream, right?

This was my first time doing a placket the Oliver+S way. I'm certainly no expert on plackets...I think I've sewn 2? It took me most of the afternoon before I was mostly happy with it. I'm about half way done with the plackets on the other 2 dresses and so far, it's going a lot better.

I'm hoping tomorrow afternoon that I'll have collars on all 3 dresses!


  1. You sound so much like me :)

    My sewing room is not getting much love and attention lately...I gotta get into routine and use those nap times too!

  2. Your placket is so lovely. I did my one last night and it didn't match up properly...when I got kids to school today, I re-tackled it. I am fairly happy with the results.

  3. Thanks Millie, It's far from perfect though so don't look too closely at the picture! Are you doing the jump rope sew-along too?


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