Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What next?

I lost momentum towards the end of kcwc and didn't really accomplish much after I finished the rust pants up.  I did at least cut out one of my next projects and here's a look at what I'm using for it...
fabric for long sleeve Oliver+s 2+2 shirt

The flash from the camera washed the print out a little bit but the rust uncut corduroy is a pretty close match.  I'm doing this shirt by the book, buttons and all.  I also have a pair of brown knit leggings cut out.

I think the Kids Clothing Week Challenge is a great idea.  Sometimes, I need a motivator to squeeze sewing time into the day.  I'd like to continue the spirit of the challenge by trying to sew at least 1/2 hour a day.   Now let's see if it happens! 

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