Friday, October 15, 2010

Pre-Algebra, Houseblogs, and a little Cutting

After being on a sewing roll for over a month, I've come to a screeching halt.  We've had a bit of a schoolwork crisis with my oldest so I've been sharpening my math skills to see if we can nip the problem in the bud.  I've gone from not checking that homework is done to pouring over it and even making her go back and redo problems she got wrong in class.  I've not been K's favorite person lately and the review worksheets I printed off of a homeschool math site haven't helped with that.  Such is the life of a parent!  Fingers crossed, that this week from hell  in review has helped and that she makes at least a B on her test this morning. 

On a totally other subject, I've been spending my "free time" on the computer reading blogs written by people undertaking renovations to old homes.  I've always been a sucker for this subject and one of my favorite shows used to be If Walls Could TalkIt used to air right before dinner time so we'd have it on while I fixed dinner.  The kids would stop whatever they were doing and sit and watch the whole show.  Occasionally, for kicks, I'll check out real estate listing of historic/older homes.  Earlier this week, I stumbled across this houseblog, which is an entertaining journal of a family's renovation of their ancestral home.   Several hours were spent this morning as I finished reading it. 

Luckily, I finished reading in time to get M to the bus stop and take a few pictures of B in the baby deer pinafore.

It's really short and wide.  Definitely a tunic.

In no particular order, I've cut out the following 3: 
 I tried to save myself time and instead of retracing the tulip pants in a larger size, I added a little width and length to the size 92 that was already traced.  Why do I have a feeling I'm going to regret that decision?
 As for those leggings...I don't know.  I think my fabric choice (brown rib knit) isn't going to work so well. 
I've also branched out into the realm of Japanese pattern books.  I had convinced my mom to order the one below a year, 2 years? ago.  It arrived, I said, "Meh." and it sat on the bookshelf until just recently when I decided M and B needed a couple of simple short sleeve dresses for church.   I've traced and cut out a muslin for when I get ready to sew again.

If you've made it this far into my ramblings (Thank You!), I have a question.  Do you sew like I do, in spurts and stops or are you, steady as you go, and consistently work on some kind of sewing?  If you fall into the latter category, how do you keep your motivation going? 



  1. Love the tunic and the WIPs you have going. I can't wait til my little princess is big enough for those tulip pants - they are adorable!
    I try to be a consistent sewist, but life does get in the way! I have found that if I have something cut out, I will generally sew it, but if I finish a project and don't have something else queued up, I'll start to lag and find something else to do with that "free time".
    Here's hoping for a good math day for K!!

  2. Oh..the joys of being a parent! I hope the test goes well.
    I sew in 'spurts and stops'. For sure! I get loads done and then I start painting or moving furniture, or laundry! And I stop for a week and then I sew again for 2 weeks!

  3. By the way, I forgot to say...after seeing your Baby Deer tunic on Flickr, I took out the ones I made my girls for Christmas last year and put them on them...they will last ages as tunics, thye're so wide...thanks for re-inspiring me!

  4. ah yes, the many joys of being a parent (:

    I have a Japanese children's pattern magazine (Child Boutique) and it was a little 'meh' to me as well. Maybe because I can't help comparing it to Otto.

    As for sewing ... I sew (or trace, or cut)consistently, every day. When I am done with one thing, I move on to the next thing in line. I find that I waste too much time trying to decide what to do next if I don't have the next half dozen projects lined up waiting. But, that also means my former hobbies are completely abandoned, or I'm sure my mind would explode!

  5. I also sew in starts and stops, though I always have something on the go. Sometimes real life gets in the way though. Like right now for me. :-) Very cute tunic!

  6. Love the pinafore. It turned out really nice.
    I have always had my eye on that pattern, but never attempted to sew it. Maybe when I get a free moment after Christmas I will go at it.


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