Friday, October 8, 2010

More Fall Clothes for B

Today is decidedly not fall-like but temps earlier this week were deliciously cool.  That led me to be be more inclined to sew cool weather clothes for the girls.  
Top was previously blogged here and the pants are OD 01/03 #15

I've had a yard of the acorn pinwale corduroy for quite a while now.  The girls have been growing so fast that I knew I needed to sew it up soon.  The pattern is a capri one so I had to add length to make them long enough to suit me. 

Turns out I didn't add quite enough and had to add a few inches before sewing the ruffles on.  I used a small bit of the blouse fabric to break up where I added extra length. 

I've used up almost all the scraps from the blouse.  Wednesday, I worked on this...
Baby Deer Pinafore
Ottobre Design 01/08 #3

It's tunic length on B so it'll need to be worn with jeans or leggings.  That particular corduroy print is left over from pants and a skirt, I made for M and B several years ago.  As with the scraps from the blouse, I barely had enough to eek out the pinafore.  I love the woodland animal print.  I have a light green fleece with those same creatures on it that is destined to become a Kitschy Coo reversible hoodie. 

The stump B is standing on in the first picture was in our neighbor's backyard.  They had 2 oak trees cut down and we got this...


  1. Lovely trousers and the Baby Deer dress is great too. I have made 3 of them I think. Two for my girls and one as a gift..I must put the girls ones on as tunics...I made them for last Christmas. I hadn't thought of that!
    Did you win the Kitschy Coo pattern? I saw the name and wondered was it you.
    Beautiful oak trees, pity they had to ccome down, but I'm sure you'll make good use of it all.

  2. Super cute! Great job!! Here's my latest sewing project:

  3. Millie, I wasn't too worried about the length with this pinafore and wouldn't have had enough fabric to make it longer anyhow. It is cute though as a tunic. I was all set to have B wear it yesterday but it was a little too warm for layering.
    Yep, I won the pattern! I have it printed out but haven't gotten around to taping it together and cutting the fabric.

    Thanks Melissa! I like your floor cushions, they look perfect for the kids!

  4. B is so cute!!! Love those little pig tails. :)

    The tunic is adorable. Great fabric!


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