Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Deer top from Otto

B was in need of a neutral top that would work with various colored bottoms she has.  I pulled out an off white jersey that I had and the Ottobre Design 01/03 #16 long sleeve shirt pattern in a size 98.  I added an additional 2 inches to the bottom hem.  The off white was a little too boring so I used brown ribbing for the neckline and brown thread for the hems.
It needed a little extra something to pep it up so I pulled out Ottobre Design 01/08 and traced off the baby deer applique.
I usually do appliques at my mom's house because she has all the wonderful notions that make applying appliques so easy.  But this time, I did it all at home improvising with fusible interfacing on the inside of the shirt and a glue stick to hold the deer on the front of the shirt while I stitched it on. 

I think the pants are already ready to be retired as they're looking short.  I swear M and B have both shot up an inch at least in the last month.  Stay little for just a while longer, please.  Mommy has lots of little girl patterns I want to sew!


  1. Oh, I feel the same way about all those baby patterns I never had a chance to make! So sad.

    I really like that deer applique - very intricate cutting there!

  2. Thanks Joy and madebymum!

    Ottobre has so many nice appliques. I need to utilize them a bit more.:)


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