Friday, November 19, 2010

Complete Ottobre Outfit for M

Ottobre Design 04/09 #16 and #12

I finished up the Tulip pants (#12) on Wednesday and M wore the complete outfit to school this morning for her Super Citizen of the Month assembly. 

Being a little lazy, I took the size that my mom had traced off earlier in the year (a 92) and added length to the legs and a little in the hip/waist area.  M is still quite slim and need no extra ease but B's build is stocky so extra width is needed.  I used buttonhole elastic like the pattern calls for so the pants should work for both girls.  For a month or two.  M has grown again since I last measured her and really could have used an extra inch in length.  As it is, I did a rolled hem and the pants are just long enough. 

Shot of how the front and back leg panels are different lengths

M and I are both happy with how the entire outfit works together.  


  1. Really great job you did. Beautiful!

  2. Congratulations on the super star citizen of the month!!!! As a former teacher, I know just what an honor this is!
    The outfit is adorable!!!!

  3. Great outfit! I really like those pants, but haven't made them because they did seem quite billowy in the magazine. However, yours looks nice - much slimmer.

  4. Joy, Thanks! I didn't find them to be obnoxiously billowy. I don't know if it's because I added extra length to the main pants panels or because I graded up a smaller pattern instead of tracing the larger size I needed.

    Julia, Aw, thanks! She was delighted to be chosen and we are definitely proud of her!

    Thanks, Kathy!



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