Saturday, November 6, 2010

Finished Hoodie, Kind of

Even though I had the fabric set aside for what felt like forever, it still took me over a month to start this hoodie.  I used the pattern I won from Amanda over at Kitschy Coo and let me tell you, it's one great pattern!  It's clearly written in the same clever tone as her blog and has loads of pictures to help illustrate the steps.  I can easily see more hoodies from her pattern in my future.  Thanks again, Amanda!

The only thing different I did was add a little elastic to the front of the hood.   B-saurus likes her hoods to fit snugly and it was an easy adjustment to make.  
I was in such a rush to get a picture of B wearing her hoodie that I haven't *technically* finished it.  I still need to stitch the opening in the side seam of the lining closed.  If you haven't noticed, the pockets are not lined up perfectly.  I was sort of aware of that when I turned the hoodie right side out but I wanted to go ahead and get a picture up while there was decent light.  So, it's a good thing it's only kind of finished since I can go back and correct my oops.


  1. Very cute!! Her little face is adorable. Good idea to put the elastic in the hood. I'll have to adopt that for the next one I sew.

  2. Fantastic, looks great! Those pockets look pretty even to me :) Great idea to add elastic to the hood, might have to try that myself.

  3. Adorable! I certainly can't tell the pockets aren't lined up. It looks great!!

  4. Thanks! I had a lot of fun sewing this and I'm hoping to correct the pocket placement today. I purposedly chose pictures that didn't make my mistake glaringly obvious!


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