Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

M wanted this...
Chasing Fireflies

And Grandma gave her...
Flamingo costume
The sewn pieces are "Dora Balloon Skirt" from Ottobre Design 06/07 #14, "Lily" leggings OD 06/07 #28, and "Viserrys" shirt OD 04/08 #11.  Finding large pink feathers locally proved to be a challenge.  My mom found silver feathers that were intended for Christmas decorations and using pink spray-in hair color painted them pink.  M loved her costume! 
All the kids

P chose to wear his football uniform, B is wearing a pink poodle costume that I picked up at the Goodwill Outlet, M is a flamingo, and K chose to be a vampire.  The dress she is wearing is one Grandma made 5 years ago when K dressed up as a witch.  It still fits, albeit it's a little shorter.   We had beautiful weather (upper 60s) and a great time roaming the neighborhood with friends.  Maybe next year, I'll get my wish of having the family dress up as the cast from Gilligan's Island.

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