Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Christmas PJs That Barely Made It

Christmas Eve

My procrastination turned against me this time.  I'd planned on working on the pjs at the beginning of last week.  On Monday, Grandma came down with the stomach virus we battled last week so that ruled out heading over there.  Then on Tuesday, I took a tumble while carrying B across a parking lot and we ended up making a trip to the ER because she hit her head pretty hard.  Thankfully, we're all okay now.  There were also a few shipping woes regarding presents that required some last minute store shopping but it all worked out in the end.   

Therefore, Christmas Eve saw me struggling to crank out K and P's new pjs.  I used the Darla pj pants (Ottobre Design #39 06/09) and added a few inches to the rise and to the length of the size 134 I already had traced.  I then chose to make the Rudolf pj top (#37 06/09).  I traced a 140 and found it to be quite wide on both kids (especially P) with the sleeves being almost too short on K.  I did none of the top stitching and didn't even hem the shirts as we still had a Christmas Eve service to attend.  Despite all the rushing and not the best fit, the kids were pleased with their new pjs. 

M and B got nightgowns made from Kwik Sew 3105 view A out of JA's flannel.  I made the smallest size for both girls.  The sleeves could have been a little longer but other than that the fit is pretty good.  I did a rolled hem for the ruffles and sleeve edges.  
This morning

It's been a crazy Christmas overall.  We ended up with a monster snowstorm (for us) that started late on Christmas Day.  After all was said and done there was 14+ inches of snow on the ground.  The kids were a little over it since this was the 4th time it has snowed this month.   Plus, since we rarely get snow, we don't have suitable clothes for playing out in it.  

We're looking to hit 60 F this weekend, much to my relief! 


  1. You did a wonderful job on the PJ's...the kids look thrilled with them.
    The snow is amazing...we didn't get any over Christmas, most of the rest of the country did though. But extremely low temperatures made work difficult for anyone working outside. I have never seen it so cold here ever..it was -16C (which converts to 3.2F)
    I am glad to hear you and B are ok after your fall.

  2. Wow, 14" is a lot. We're used to snow, and that's still a lot. Unlike you, we're going to keep our snow until April (:

    All the pajamas are cute, especially the doggie nightgowns. Congratulations on finishing before Christmas. I managed to (nearly) make 4 sets of pjs on ...the 27th!


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