Thursday, December 9, 2010

The perfect solution to cold legs

My husband loves his flannel lined jeans.

His happen to be a little hideous in my opinion but I can't begrudge him wanting to stay warm.  Especially when he's working outside. 

In fact, I'd appreciate a pair if I wasn't concerned they'd make me look heavier than I am. 

So, it's B who gets a new pair of lined pants.


Karpalo Lined Pants, Ottobre Design 06/09 #6

I used a corduroy I picked up at JA's a month or two ago and lined them in a cotton print leftover from Easter dresses for M and K pre-B.  I was a little concerned about the fit since they only go up to a 92 and B is easily a 98 or even a little bigger.  We lucked out though since they are cut to fit over a diaper.  I did add 4 inches overall to the length because I want them to last all of this winter and next.  In the picture the pants are rolled up 2x.

I still need to add a drawstring or find a matching ribbon to use.


There's topstitching along the yoke and down the inseams. 

I think these are a cute pair of pants and similar to the miniBoden baggies in style.  I love the rib knit waistband for ease of dressing and comfort.  This particular pair is plenty long enough that M will be able to wear them too.

And I didn't ever clean up the sewing room, it's still in it's current state of  mess.  I finished the pants up at my parents house, in my mom's nice and neat sewing room (or at least it was until I used it)!


  1. SO cute!! I love the prints you used. She'll be very cozy in them.

  2. Very cute pants. That's great corduroy! I haven't tried doing a ribknit waistband yet.

  3. You do amazing work. Very pretty pants!

  4. These are so lovely.....I have admired this pattern for ages, but still haven't made it..I have heard that it runs big, which is great once you know.

  5. Thanks Katie! It was funy, on the trip I made to JA's specifically for corduroy prints they had nothing I liked. A month later and I blew my budget as they had lots of great prints.

    Joy, Thanks! I love having a ribknit waistband especially for Brenna. With a zip fly, she leaves it unbuttoned and unzipped after using the potty when she goes by herself.

    That's so nice of you to say, Kathy.:)

    Millie, I really like that pattern when I first saw the issue but never got around to it. I'm glad that it runs big. We are getting to the stage now that a lot of the smaller sizes won't work, which is a shame because I love a lot of the "baby" patterns. This one would easily work for your twins.


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