Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rosebud Leggings

We had a delightful Thanksgiving in WI with my husband's family.  It was great to spend some time visiting and catching up with all the latest happenings.  It was a short trip with a very long drive but a much needed one.

Back home, I've jumped right back into sewing.  These leggings,  "Ruusunnuppu" from Ottobre Design 01/10, have been done for a few weeks.  I couldn't decide which color ribbon to use for the embellishment so they sat almost done until we came home.  I ended up going with nothing. 

I have no clue if I did the darts/gathers correctly on the sides.  It was one of those projects where the directions made perfect sense the first time I read them but when it was time to sit down and sew, I got a little lost.  It didn't help that I didn't sew the leggings in one sitting but rather worked on them 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there.  I opted to do a lettuce edged hem to maintain as much length as I could. 
Ignore the thread sticking out!

I used rib knit from JA's.  I love that stuff!  It has a little bit of lycra in it and is super stretchy.   I like how the darts on the side add a little interest to what would otherwise be a basic pair of leggings.  I easily see making more for the little girls!


  1. I love this pattern and the lettuce edging so super cute!! My LO just needs to grow a couple more cms, and I can make it for her!!

  2. These are really cute with the little details and the lettuce edge. And without the trim, they'll match more things. I need to make some of these for my 4 year old who wears ONLY dresses lately. I've been having her wear leggings instead of seeing her wear holes in a new pair of tights every day.

  3. very cute! i, too, like the little tucks on the leggings. gives them a bit of pizazz. btw, your dd is adorable!

  4. Thanks Katie! I like using a lettuce edging as it's super quick. Here lately every inch counts.

    Joy, Being able to coordinate with more tops is definitely a plus. I might go back and stitch a brown button at the top. We'll see. My oldest only wore dresses from about 3 until 6. Leggings definitely hold up better than tights!

    Teri, Thanks! She's adorable but also a handful!;-)


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