Friday, January 28, 2011

Being Aware

Generally speaking, I'm not an alarmist over posting pictures of my children on the internet.  I freely post pics of them showing their faces and don't think twice about using a photo of them in the bathing suits.   I try to not share their names (hence the initials) but if you  look through the blog there are times I have.  I attempt to put a watermark on most pictures (but forget occasionally) to prevent someone copying a picture and using it in a weird way.  That was brought on by this horrific experience that happened to another blogger.  It's probably not all that effective anyhow but makes me feel like I'm doing something to protect them.  

The one thing that's creeped me out is on flickr.  I've had several pictures of K marked as favorites by other users.  Not a big deal, right?  It's flattering....until I went and checked out the other pictures they had tagged.  They were suggestive poses of young teenage/preteen girls.  *shudder* 

Here are the pictures that were tagged:
SWAP09 Tween Outfit

Sorja Slim fit T

I don't think there's anything sexualized about my pics and they were definitely innocent compared to the other ones these users had marked as favs. 

The red flags that led me to block these users were: 
  • No photos of their own in their photostream and/or what was there was not visible due to smart search
  • The majority of their favs were pictures of young girls in provocative poses
I went with my gut feeling and blocked these users so that they could no longer see any of my pictures.  I have no doubt that I made the correct call.  It turns out that 2 of the users no longer have active flickr accounts...perhaps that had to do with their penchant for photos of young girls.

So, the point of this post is a PSA.  Be aware of who is tagging your photos.  It's takes just a minute to double check that someone who "likes" your photo does so for the right reasons. 


  1. Cindy, I'm sorry you had to deal with this, it adds an element of worry and concern when all we want to do is show what our sewing achievements are. I don't post pictures of my children. Initially it was because my blog was anonymous, but then I saw a comment on a picture of a young girl in one of the sewing groups which didn't seem appropriate. I think you made the correct call too, and being aware is important.

  2. Oh boy I better go look at my flickr account. That's creepy.

  3. Ugh, I've thought a lot about this and blocked a number of people on Flickr. It's also good to check which sites people are clicking from to get to your account (which is shown in the stats). I've removed all words like leotard or swimsuit from my photos. But I have to say I still wonder about posting pics at all. It's a shame.

  4. Angela, I definitely can see why you don't share pictures of your children. At times I consider it and if it continues to be a problem, rather than an occasional event, I will.

    Sascha, Yes, it is. I probably have around 150 pictures of my kids in clothing I've sewn on flickr and this has happened only 4 times so it's not the norm. I have the pictures set so anyone can view so it's not like these individuals were part of any of the sewing groups I post pictures too.

    Joy, I'm going to upgrade my flickr account to pro so I can access that. I have a feeling with K's pictures it was because they were labelled "tween". I haven't had any problems with the other kids' photos.


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