Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jumping into the New Year

Introducing me, Cindy aka beachgirl

After being pummelled with snow right after Christmas, we headed a few hours south to visit with my vacationing cousin and her family in North Topsail Beach, NC.  A day of sunshine and warmer temps (50s) was exactly what we (I) needed.  I'm looking forward to 2011 and continuing on with my sewing.

My first project of the new year was another pair of Neat Beat Pants (Ottobre Design 06/2009 #17).  This time for B.  I used a fine wale stretch corduroy from The Fabric Fairy.  I made them the same way as this pair.  Somehow, over the last few weeks, B grew and now her and M are the same height.  It's nice that if I sew something new they can both wear it but now there's no hand-me-downs!


  1. Ha! Now THAT's the way to enter the New Year!

  2. Technically, it wasn't New Year's yet but close enough!

  3. Hello Cindy (I've only just realized that you are 'beach mom' on Flickr) That is such a great picture of you :-)
    I love your daughters trousers, they look like they fit her perfectly.
    Thanks for stopping by to comment.

  4. Thnaks Angela! Yep, that's me on Flickr. The pants are a great fit and were much needed. Somehow, my younger girls ended up with tons of shirts and only a few pairs of pants. I'm slowly working on fixing that.


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