Friday, January 21, 2011

Little miss M broke my heart earlier this week.

She's decided that she doesn't like my favorite top (oops and all) that I've sewn for her anymore.  sniff, sniff

This is following her deciding she wanted the Dortje pants yet after I hemmed them to fit her, she refused to wear them.  M has developed a strong opinion on her clothing choices and nothing, I mean NOTHING, is going to change her mind. 

I knew this day would come but hoped it would be a few more years away.  She's still happy for me to sew for just has to conform to her strict requirements.  There will be no more having a vision in my mind and whipping it out while she's at school.  From now on, there will be many consultations on patterns and fabrics and embellishments before I start a new project.

Luckily, there's always B-saurus to sew for... least for another year or two.


  1. Oh dear, oh dear...I made my two girls Play date bloomers in corduroy for wearing with tights, they wore them once...and now refuse to wear them!
    One of my girls wore the same brown stripey trousers for a fortnight...unwashed...she kept pulling them out of the laundry basket! I finally got her out of them today!
    Maybe Miss M might come around if you say nothing for a while?

  2. Millie, I think what bugged me the most is that she wouldn't give me a reason why it was no longer liked. She's definitely articulate enough to explain. Molly did tell me the reason why she didn't like the Dortje pants was that they were "fluffy at the knees". I think she's tending to prefer fitted clothes.

  3. Ooof, I know it will get harder as they get older...My girls have never worn those silly Raggedy Annish rompers I made. My husband says he wouldn't let them out of the house wearing them anyway ): Well, you can't win them all, but soon Molly will really be able to tell you what she likes, and then she'll love it. My 8 year old describes what he wants (in great detail) and picks out the fabric with me from my stash. It's preapproved and I'm good to go (:

  4. Oh no! I'm trying to convince myself that this hasn't happened to me, but I realize I no longer sew the 'vision in my mind' (great expression for explaining the sewing plan!) and I check with her if she'd like a colour, ribbon etc. So there was no flat out refusal, that would break my heart too, or else I'd have to open a shop to sell my visions!

  5. Joy, Kayleen and Patrick are good about that...telling what they want in detail and I'm usually able to accomadate that. Maybe it's them being older? That's unfortunate about the rompers...I thought they were adorable!

    Angela, I guess we should be happy that they still let us sew for them, even if it's not exactly what we would like to do. I did double check with Molly about one of the tunics in the new Otto issue. She informed me that if I leave off the pockets she'll wear it. Whew!


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