Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Otus T-shirt

I'd ordered the graphic print from The Fabric Fairy back in October thinking it would be nice for P.  It took me awhile to choose what pattern as I didn't want it to turn out too pajama looking.  I traced off a size 134 and added about 1/2" to the sleeve length. 

"Otus"  Ottobre Design 01/09 #37

There's a little vent on either side of the hem.  I'd show a closeup but upon closer inspection the stitch I used for the hem doesn't look so nice.  I'll probably go back tonight and use my mom's coverstitch machine to redo it. 

The shirt has met P's approval.  He even paired it with a pair of Oliver+S Sandbox pants I'd made him.:)

eta:  Maybe I missed the mark with trying to make a fun shirt that didn't look like a pajama top.  P came home from school and said that 3-4 people asked him why he was wearing his pjs.  He didn't seem bothered by it so I guess the shirt still meets his approval.  I did reiterate to him that if I make him something and he doesn't like it, he can tell me and I won't get upset.  We'll see...


  1. That's a lovely print fabric you got for him, and so great that he likes to wear it. My older boys have t-shirts and pj tops that look so similar, I still have to check the label each time after washing them ...... thinking about it - maybe I don't need to do that any more!

  2. It's true, especially with boys, that the pj and regular shirts are virtually identical. The funny thing was he asked if he could sleep in it that night, and he did. Apparently, the next morning he pulled on a pair of jeans and didn't change his shirt so he ended up wearing it 2 days in a row! I burst out laughing when he came home from school and took off his coat.:)


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