Monday, January 17, 2011

Sailboat Top

B has inherited M's Tulip Pants and there weren't really any tops in their combined wardrobe that matched other than the Nightingale Tunic and M wasn't relinquishing that.

I know, the pants are navy, basically a basic go with most anything color.  That's what I thought, until I paired it with B's other tops...pale pink and black stripes, cream and pastel stripes, floral on a creme background w/ brown accents, pink w/ brown leopard spots...nope, not a one of those looked right.

Even worse, none of the prints I have in my fabric stash looked good either.

Except for one...

It's a thin knit and probably wasn't the best fabric for this top but the colors were right on and it will go well with most any pair of pants. 

This is the second time I've used the Oliver+S Sailboat top but the first time with sleeves.  I traced a size 5 for my growing little's an itty bitty bit big but should *fingers crossed* fit until summer because of that.  No problems with the pattern, it's another great one! 
My youngest and oldest "babies" at the aquarium today

I'm adding a couple of new Oliver+S patterns to my stash...the Hopscotch Skirt + Knit Top and the Ice Cream Dress, just in time for spring sewing!


  1. Cute top, and those girls are just beautiful!

  2. The fabric looks lovely and the pattern turned out really well in a knit. Gorgeous girls, that's a beautiful pic of them together.

  3. Thanks! It's one of those patterns that I should really use more as it's a great basic with a little extra detail.

  4. Lovely Sailboat's on my wish list! The girls look so lovely.

  5. Millie, It's a fun top and easy to sew. I'm slowly acquiring more O+S patterns even though a lot of the times I could tweak an Otto pattern to get a similar look. They're definitely well written.


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