Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tunic that is neither raspberry colored/striped

Upon the newest Ottobre Design magazine's arrival, I placed it promptly in my middle daughter's hands and told her to choose what she would like me to sew for her.  Her first choice was the Raspberry Striped Tunic.

But I mustn't put pockets on it and it had to be aqua.  She picked the fabrics from my stash and I went to work.
Standing on big sister's messy bed

We have officially made the jump to size 104 for all things M.  I was concerned that the tunic would be too wide but the gathers in the back and on either side of the placket took care of the excess width.  The opening in the front is a little low and M will need to wear a tee under this.  I stitched up the amount marked on the pattern but I think you could easily stitch higher and still be able to get the top on and off.  Using a tip from Katie, I used woolly nylon thread in the bobbin for the twin needle hem.  It's so much better (stretchy and flat).  
I used ric-rac and daisy trim in place of ribbons

M approved the top and wanted to wear it today.  Mom needs to whip up a long sleeve shirt for her to wear under it as I think 45F is a little too chilly for short sleeves.  I have the pants pictured in the magazine cut out too using the same fabric I used for P's pants a while back.  I'm thinking of using aqua thread to top stitch...I'll have to do a test strip to make sure it'll look right.  M also has a Sunday Brunch jacket and skirt cut out, all ready to be sewn.  Hopefully, she'll approve of those once they're done.


  1. I really like this top, and the other one that is a mix of knit and woven fabrics. I can't remember the name, but it is the opposite, knit on top and voile on the bottom. They are probably my favouites from this issue...great to see it made up. The color is lovely on M. I look forward to seeing the Sunday Brunch set.

  2. Super cute!! Myra placed an order for this one as well. I love how you've trimmed it.
    I'm glad the wooly nylon worked for you!

  3. Turned out lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful! I can't wait until my Miss M gets into that size range. The daisy trim adds so much!

  5. Awesome!!! You're a great mom for making shirts just the way they want them!!! :)

  6. Millie, Thanks! I really liked the other knit/woven shirt too. Eventually, I'll make that for K.

    Katie, It worked like a charm! I had about given up on having decent twin needle hems. Thanks for sharing the tip on your blog.

    Teri & Kathy, Thanks! She really likes the tunic.

    Christephi, Thanks! I'd been holding out on tracing beyond the 98 size but the fit seems to be pretty good.

    Sandra, I try to do my best to make them happy. Nothing's worse than sewing up something you think they'll like and they won't wear it.

  7. So now you're taking clothing orders, hehe! Most of my 4 year old's idea are still too outrageous to actually make. But "aqua" isn't too crazy to work with and it turned out very pretty. I like the trim, too.

  8. Yep, it's come to that. But as long as she'll wear it, I'm fine with taking orders.

  9. Cindy, how old is your daughter that you made a size 104? My little girl is 5 but I really think the 104 lengthened might fit better than the 110 that I've been making.

  10. Ruth, She's 5 (almost 6) and around 42" tall and weighs maybe 38 lbs. Most of her height is in her legs so I've been adding additional length to pants to ensure that they're long enough. Hope that helps!


  11. Beautiful top, I love the colour and the trim.

  12. You have a budding designer! Love the fabric choice!


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