Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3 Down

All 3 girls now have strep throat.  Such is the case with having children who are close to one another...sharing the love means sharing the germs too.  *fingers crossed* that this is where our strep story ends. 

There probably won't be any sewing today but I'm hoping to at least start tracing the pattern for K's sweat pants off plus a top from the new Ottobre Design.  I received an order from last night, that includes fabric for this:
The top part will be made from City Weekend Interlock by Oliver + S in Cafe Dots-Gold:
And the bottom will be Little Folks Voile in Ink by Anna Maria Horner:

I love the feel of the voile and ended up placing an order at Quilt Home this morning while on hold with the doctor's office for:

I'm considering using the panel print for this dress:  Anna Maria Horner Museum Tunic  We have a wedding in July and also one in September and Momma needs a new dress.  Being stuck at home isn't good for my fabric budget.  There's too much time on my hands to peruse the 'net and do some cyber shopping.


  1. Oooh! I'm jealous! I love that Anna Maria Horner voile; it goes perfectly with the sunny yellow! Can't wait to see the top made up!

    Saying a prayer that your littles feel better soon!!

  2. I like your fabric choices for the top.

    We don't have strep throat but tonsilitis and a UTI plus the regular colds and coughs. I'm so over staying home with sick kids. :-)

  3. Thanks Christephi & Alisa. I'm excited to make the top 'cause I love the fabric!

    The girls are feeling better. MG was able to attend school today and K will go back tomorrow.

  4. Great to see that the voile arrived, it's hard to stop feeling it :-) I love the colours you've picked for that Ottobre top, and the AMH dress will be perfect for the summer weddings.
    Glad your girls are feeling better.

  5. How did I overlook the pattern for this top?! Your fabric choices are perfect---can't wait to see it finished. Love, love, love that voile...I made a few things last summer from the Anna Maria voile and must get more. It's scrumptious. :)


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