Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grandma's Valentine Outfit

While over my parents' house last week, flipping through older issues from Ottobre Design, I came across these pants and thought, "What perfect pants for Valentine's Day!".  I told my mom that I thought she should make M a pair to wear to school.  Friday afternoon, she brings over the finished pants and I realize that M has nothing that will match.
My mom mentions that she has some of the stripe left over that she used for the hearts near the hem.  A quick run through of what patterns I had that were already traced off in M's size and for a woven left us with the Sailboat top from Oliver + S.  
Mom dropped the top off on Saturday and MG proudly wore her "heart" outfit to school on Monday. 

Today, all of the kids are wearing clothes that were sewn for them.  Slowly, their clothes are becoming more and more sewn vs. bought.  P has on a pair of Sandbox pants.  K is wearing her new hoodie.  B, well she's not dressed yet but is wearing her dog nightgown.  And M, poor M, is not feeling well today but has dressed herself in anticipation of a doctor's appointment for this afternoon...
 Ice cream Tshirt, Raspberry Striped Tunic, Neat Beat pants

eta:  Following MG's visit with the doctor, it turns out that both of the little girls have strep throat.


  1. Cutie cutie cutie!!!! Pretty in pink! and aqua, too.

  2. What a kind and thoughtful Grandma! Lovely to see all the little details. Hope M is feeling better soon.

  3. Thanks Julia!

    Angela, We certainly appreciate Grandma around here! Today is our usual day for hanging out at her house but since I had sick little ones we stayed home. The kids were disappointed but we'll make it over there later this week.


  4. Ugh, strep throat. A good excuse to wear mom-made nightgowns...


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