Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hopscotch Owls

Not much to say about today's project.  I used the Oliver + S Hopscotch top pattern and an owl print from Jo-Ann's.  It was an easy enough pattern to sew and went together quickly.
Nice B

Hopscotch Owls on B-saurus
The real B


  1. I love that owl fabric, and B just looks adorable!

  2. Love the owls! I suppose it wouldn't be very appropriate for me to have a shirt out of that fabric, huh?

  3. That's a great pattern and I love those owls!

  4. The owls are fun , the variety of looks this top gives is great.

  5. Thanks! It is a fun print...I like that it has several different colors in it. I'm thinking of using a light green linen that I have to make the Hopscotch skirt to wear with it. I'm not sure though of BK in skirts for every day wear. She's a bit of a terror!


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