Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ice Cream!

Last night while watching The Weather Channel and trying to determine if we were really going to get snow again, I finished up a long sleeve shirt for layering with M's Raspberry Striped Tunic and to go with her new Sunday Brunch outfit.  12 buttons sewn on with brown thread later and this is what we have...

Ice Cream button-band T-shirt an uncooperative model.

The shirt is the Ice Cream button-banded T-shirt from the Spring 2011 Ottobre Design.  I used this horribly thin cotton knit that I had in my stash.  I have a feeling this was one of those JA's clearance table or's $1.95 section buys from a while back.  I picked it for this project since a) it's aqua, b) I had enough for this shirt, c) I figured since the pattern had gathers along the chest that it would negate how sheer the fabric is.  It worked but doing the center front button band was a test of my patience and it's far from perfect. 
See how happy she is!

The pattern is fine, I just wouldn't use such a light weight fabric for it.  The button band on the front is pulling the fabric across her chest forward some.  I could have maybe alleviated that by making the neckline binding tighter but another downfall of the thin yucky fabric is that you can forget trying to rip out any mistakes...believe me, I tried! 

It'll work for what it's intended to do.  And Miss M actually likes the shirt but she didn't want her picture taken!

size 104

If you're wondering if it snowed....
Yes, it did and school was cancelled.  Spring, where are you????


  1. It looks very nice! Love the uncooperative look, too funny! I wonder if the pulling across the front will ease up after a few washes...? Great use of inferior fabric. :-)

  2. It's been through the wash once already (before I sewed the buttons on) to tighten up the neckband. It's such a cheap knit that it will probably shrink even more.

  3. The uncooperative model faces are very cute - of course I have about 1,000 miles distance from the grumpy face. I find them less cute when they're in my house (:

    Yay, more aqua! It's a really pretty shirt and the lightweight fabric should make it more wearable in the warmer spring weather (if spring ever comes....).


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