Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Brunch with a side of Raspberry

Finally!  I have made a Sunday Brunch jacket.  It was the first Oliver + S pattern ever purchased...specifically for the darling jacket. 

But somehow, I didn't get around to making one.  I did sew the skirt for K in 2009.  Part of my problem was that I couldn't decide what fabric to use.  I thought about making a red cord one but worried about it being too Christmas-y for the rest of the year.  I considered a solid brown...meh.  I wanted to make a gray jacket after seeing this one but really needed to use up some of the fabric from my stash. 

After M started requesting clothes that were aqua, I remembered a brown with aqua polka dots cord that I had.  Even though she had initially rejected the Sunday Brunch pattern, I took a chance that she'd like the finished outfit.

I have a long sleeve tee cut out but didn't have time to sew it before church this morning.  M happily grabbed her new tunic that I had "made to order" previously.

She really likes the pockets in the skirt. 

Initially, she wasn't too keen on buttoning the jacket.  I think she wanted to make sure that her tunic was showing. 

I'm pleased with this pattern.  The instructions were wonderful as is typical of the Oliver + S patterns.  The binding on the jacket seams and the facing was a little time consuming, but well worth the effort.  I ended up using the fabric that I used for the top of the tunic for the jacket's facings and binding.  The skirt is sweet and a quick sew.  I love the little kick pleat in the back and the pockets are great to have. 

Right now MG is rockin' her new outfit with her daddy's Green Bay Packers hat.  Go Packers!!


  1. Such a lovely outfit. It looks very well with the tunic too. I am glad that she likes it. It is a great pattern, I have yet to make the skirt.

  2. Beautiful Jacket. Now I really need to get this pattern.

  3. Whats NOT to like? Gorgeous Cindy.

  4. Millie, When (not if!) you make the skirt be aware that it runs a little short. I added an inch, maybe a little more to the hem.

    Tiny, Thanks! It's such a classic look and I'm a sucker for it.

    Nicole, Thanks! After seeing all of your beautiful jackets and then seeing Millie's earlier this week, I knew that it was time for me to use the pattern. I'm planning on using the Sunday Brunch for Easter jackets too.

  5. Cindy, I have yet to make this pattern as I thought it might look a bit too 'grown up' on my 4 yr old, but your version is perfect and I love the colours. She looks very happy in it too!

  6. It's a sweet outfit, Cindy. What a cutie!

  7. Love that fabric! Joannes? I used up several yards of it this fall.

  8. Angela, I bought it originally for my oldest since at the time she still fit into the size 8 but knew that I'd use it for the little girls eventually too. Poor K, maybe next year if she'll still fit into it with only minor size corrections. I think your 4 year old will look adorable in a jacket like this.

    Alisa, Thanks!

    Mary-Claire, Yep, it was from JA's back in the fall. I bought a bunch of corduroy when they had it on sale. Thanks for the kind comment about last summer's tops. It's funny...when I look back on some of my older stuff (further than a year) I can definitely see where my skills have improved. I cringe a little over how badly sewn some of those outfits are!lol

  9. gorgeous outfit! Especially love the Packers hat. :)

  10. Thanks Teri! We were one happy family last night and the kids wore their Packer jerseys to school today.

  11. I love the combination of the brown and teal and corduroy and dots. Cute, cute jacket.

    My husband finally went shopping to replace our antenna before the game. Who knows how long it'd been broken since our tv comes to us online. But that was the impetus he needed!

  12. Thanks Joy!

    It would have lit a fire under my husband too. There was no way he was missing the game. We were supposed to watch over a friend's house with people from our small group at church. However, several of those people are Steeler fans...including our pastor (an avid fan)who was going to be there. John decided he'd rather watch the game at home.:)


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