Thursday, March 24, 2011

Icecream, Oliver + S Style

Back in January, I went to the dollar sale at a local consignment shop.  Poking around and enjoying my free time with no little persons in tow, I stumbled across a men's button down shirt that I had to have.
Navy Blue with little aqua and green butterflies!

With some spring-like temps last week putting me in the mood for warm weather sewing, I knew that an Oliver + S Icecream top would be perfect.

Unfortunately, even though the shirt was big and offered a lot of material to work with, the size 5 pattern pieces wouldn't fit.  I played around with it and decided that if I made the yoke into 2 separate pieces (front and back) and cut the back panel and back yoke with the buttons running down the middle I could make it work.  And I could save myself a few steps by using the existing hem. 

I had to remember to add seam allowances to the now existing shoulder seams and I ended up having to add a little bit to the bottom of the back yoke piece to get my buttons to be in the right place.  I don't know if I could duplicate what I did ever again, but here's what I ended up with...


Miss BK was not a very cooperative model today.  She was more interested in chasing the neighbor's 2 year old granddaughter around. 

That's the best shot of the back I could get while she was wearing it.

Icecream Upcycle with Buttons down the Back

If you look closely, you can see the shoulder seam.

It was nice out for picture taking but by the time we got back from a fabric store run for my next project the temp had dropped by 15 degrees and it had started to rain.   I'm ready for warmer weather!


  1. Sew cute! The fabric looks much better as a cute top for your daughter. Am I the only one who finds a men's shirt with cute little aqua and green butterflies rather odd?


  2. That's a great shirt, Cindy! I LOVE that you made it from a men's shirt.

  3. I love the buttons down the back! It really suits this top :)

  4. I absolutely love this!!! Incredible fabric find! Love it :)

  5. Thank You!:)

    Christiana, I found it amusing that little butterflies were on a man's shirt too. I know my husband would never ever wear a shirt like that!

    Alisa, After my pricier fabric purchases recently, it felt good to sew something thrifty again.

    Justine, I wasn't sure how it would work out but I really like the buttons down the back. Now I need to make the top the way it's supposed to be and see how I like that.

    Jessica, Thanks! I got lucky with this one.

  6. I love this top! Did you lengthen it? It looks quite a bit longer on your daughter than the one I made looks on mine.

  7. This is my favorite Ice-cream top, the fabric is just perfect for it.


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