Monday, March 7, 2011

Meet Up, mostly done

My mailbox has been empty, no goodies delivered on Friday nor Saturday.  So, K's new shirt is done with the exception of the snaps. 

Ottobre Design 01/11 Meet Up Tunic #33

I had thought that I had a good match in my stash for the ribbing but I didn't.  The blues I had were either a bright royal blue, a blue that was almost gray, or baby blue.  I looked in the local fabric stores and still couldn't find a good match.  Color matching is such a funny thing that I didn't trust ordering off the internet.  In desperation, I looked to the pile of clothes that reside in my closet waiting to be made into something new.  An old t-shirt of mine was a better match than all my other options.  It's not perfect, but I think it's good enough.

I love the combination of the 2 fabrics, City Weekend Yellow Gold Cafe Dot Interlock Knit and Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile Little Honey Ink.  I'm thinking of using a different pattern to make a similar top for either M or B with my left over fabric.

The pattern is pretty much straight forward.  I didn't run into any diffculties making the top.  My only problem was that I traced off a size 152 and it's a little large on K.  A 146 would have been a better fit. 

Hopefully, my snaps will make their way here today, along with the Passport Dress & Jacket pattern.

eta:  The snaps arrived yesterday evening and I'm too lazy to write another post just to share pictures of K wearing the top...
Meet Up Tunic
The snaps are lighter than I expected but it's finished and K likes it.  Good enough for me!


  1. It's a very cute top! Is the bottom a knit too, or is it a woven cotton?

  2. Thanks Alisa! I went back and put in what fabric I used, the bottom is a woven (AMH voile).

  3. Lovely top! I have used this AMH fabric, and it is beautiful. I love it with the cafe dot. I had this pattern in mind for M. It is lovely to see it made up.

  4. Millie, It was seeing the top you made from the AMH fabric last year that put the fabric on my want-to-have list. K really likes it and it fits her sense of style perfectly.

  5. Beautiful fabric choices - I love the combination! Such a great top. I ordered some of the AMH voile early this week and now I'm anxiously watching the mail box.

  6. Thanks Liz! You'll love the voile, it's really nice!


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