Thursday, March 3, 2011

Waiting, Tracing, & Researching

I've been working away at K's new top and it's basically done with the exception of the hem and snaps.  There is no place locally that stocks colored snaps so I had to resort to the internet to find what I needed.  I chose a yellow and hope that the color is as good a match as it appears on the computer screen.  The snaps should be arriving any day now.  As should my Lisette patterns and the Kwik Sew swimsuit pattern that I ordered last week.

After months with only one child participating in extracurricular activities, we've entered the Every Night is Spoken For Season.  P is finishing up basketball (2 more weeks) and has started soccer practice.  K has been attending spring conditioning in hopes of making her school's track team (3 weeks until tryouts).  M has ballet one night a week.  B is the only one with out an activity.  We tried ballet with B back in the fall.  DISASTER!  This picture sums up her feelings toward ballet...
"Don't make me do this!"

Whereas M really enjoys it and didn't appreciate taking a class that included B.

B would hassle M while the latter tried to listen and do exactly what the teacher asked.  And BK did her own thing.  Yes, she's only 3 (almost 4) and what can one really expect?   B is not like her 2 older sisters who loved ballet from a young age.  She's happiest chasing her big brother around the backyard with a yellow, plastic bat.

During the day before practice runs start, I've been tracing new patterns off.  I have the Oliver + S Ice Cream top size 5 traced and also the "Vaahtokarkki" gingham blouse from 01/10 Ottobre Design in a 104.  I'll be participating in a sew-a-long for the blouse here that starts March 5.  I had fun with the last sew-a-long I did and find that the motivation is a great way to clear items off my to-sew list.  I haven't decided yet what fabric I'm going to use but at least I have the pattern traced!

I've also been doing some research/mental planning for a tutorial I'd like to put together.  I impressed with those who are constantly posting new tutorials on their blogs.  It's a lot of work!  There's a dress that K likes that I'm trying to recreate.  I already have a name for it...the Olas Dress but that's about it so far.:) 


  1. Omigosh, my 2yo has her first ballet class today. She has been hot and cold about it - I can totally see her ending up with a pouty lip like that.

  2. Camille, I hope your 2yo does better than B! When M started the new session last week, the instructor questioned why we didn't sign B up for it. I gave her a look and said, "Do you really think that would be a wise decision?". She started laughing and agreed that ballet isn't B's least not right now!

  3. Oh I know those busy activity lists very well. Good luck with the try outs and finding time to sew. Carry on juggling. ( love the ballet pic )

  4. She may not have enjoyed ballet, but she is positively adorable!


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