Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Order

My self imposed order of sewing for the next few weeks was the smocking for B's dress, M's dress, K's Roxy dress knock-off, and then maybe something for myself.  And what am I working on?  K's dress!

The plan is to make a dress along these lines:

My first attempt at the tank portion was not so pretty.  I tossed that and went to work on the skirt part.

The side seams and elastic casing are only basted.  I wanted to get an idea of fit before I went any further.

The skirt fabric is a vintage steal from my mom's stash.  There's barely a yard so cutting it out has been tricky, mainly because of the pockets.  I think I have enough for the sash and belt loops but if not, I'll try and find a solid that coordinates.  Right now, there's a little over an inch of fabric over the elastic casing to make the paper bag skirt effect.  I think when I go back and sew for real, I'll adjust it down to 3/4 of an inch.  I'll also use inch wide elastic.

The original tank I started on was orange but I think I'm going to use a baby blue now.  It's not what K's wearing in the picture...that's part of her pjs! 

eta:  Thank you for the kind words about losing Daisy.  K's been doing fine since the initial shock wore off.



  1. Ooh, I love the fabric you are using! Can't wait to see it finished. Have fun! (And yes, that's the way I roll quite often too. Do what intrigues me the most first.)

  2. The fabric is really sweet:)


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