Monday, April 25, 2011

OBX Dress Details

K's dress was a labor of love.  I knew exactly how I wanted it to look...

And I think I came pretty darn close!

I drafted the skirt pattern...there's a sash, 2 belt loops at the side seams, and pockets.  I had limited yardage for the skirt since it's a vintage piece from my mom's stash.  I 'creatively' cut some of the pieces to make it fit.  Grainlines, what grainlines?  For the elastic casing, I ended up sewing a panel (red gingham) on the inside a la the Swingset skirt.  If I'd had enough yardage, I would have folded the top of the skirt over to make the casing.  The top is a Chez Ami ribknit and I used Otobre Design  06/09 #38 as my pattern with a few modifications (eliminating the gores and continuing the straight side seams all the way down).  Since I wanted it to be snug, I used size 134.  Most of K's tops from OD have been at least a 140, if not bigger.  I also added a shelf bra to the inside to give a little more coverage in the chest.

I attached the skirt a little lower than my inspiration dress had it.  1.  I didn't want the skirt to be too short and 2.  I think it looks more flattering on K to have it sit a little lower. 

I'm glad I didn't choose to do a tutorial while working on the dress like I originally planned.  I did several things out of order, causing more work for myself.  Typical.  There are also a few things I'll do differently next time.  However, I will eventually post one...K wants another dress like this!


  1. Your version looks identical. Actually better. And so does your model.
    Clever creative cutting and sewing too. Grainlines, schmainlines... I agree!!

  2. I love your version, gorgeous fabric! The shoes are super cute too.


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