Sunday, April 10, 2011

Part 1 Complete

I ripped out and tweaked and ripped out some more and finally have the skirt part of K's dress looking like I envisioned it.  I was fortunate to have enough fabric to eek out the sash, though I did employ some creative cutting and won't swear that it was cut on grain.


Tomorrow's plan is to work on the tank top portion of K's dress and baste together the muslin for my Easter dress.  I have started smocking B's dress (1/2 a row done) and M's is cut out.   It's hard to stay indoors and sew though when the weather is so pretty outside.  It was finally warm enough on a Sunday for the little girls' to don their skirt sets.

B was not too happy to have her picture taken next to the "stinky, nasty trash can".

I really should go back and replace the lining of M's skirt with solid white fabric.  Every time I see the print on the lining shining through, I cringe! 

B having fun at the playground after church

And freaking out at home because of a carpenter bee buzzing around 


  1. These outfits are SOOO cute! I love the fabrics and the skirts are a fun style.

  2. Your girls looks so cute! I love their little outfits.

  3. I still freak out over bees like that. Maybe even more than she is. :)

  4. Thanks Joy, I really like the outfits. It's a bit old fashioned but a lot of fun!

    Alisa, Thank You!

    Rebecca, Male carpenter bees are the worst since they'll dive bomb you. It's hard not to be a little scared even though they can't sting. I thought she'd gotten over being scared but obviously not!


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