Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thoughts on Fitting and IAAT

First off, I appreciate the kind comments on my rather sloppy appearance yesterday.  You all were too nice!

When I pulled the pattern out last night to trace a size down, there wasn't that much difference between the 12 & 14 but the side seams are about 1/2" smaller.  The 10 is almost an inch smaller on the sides vs. the 14.  My next muslin will be the 12 and I'll go from there.  FBA:  I guess I need to learn what this really is.  I know what the acronym stands for but that's about it.  Joy, When I have more time, I definitely need to investigate those 'conditions'.  I know I have a tendency to roll my shoulders posture is horrible!  Back when I showing on the hunter circuit, my riding instructors were always busting my butt about riding with my shoulders back and it wasn't something that came naturally.  Amanda, Thanks for pointing out where the bust darts end.  I didn't even think about that.  Granted, I'm not wearing a very supportive bra and the "girls" are probably not where they should be.  I found this when doing a quick search about bust darts.."Bust darts should point to the bust point and end at least 1/2" (1.25 cm) and up to 2" (5 cm) away from the bust point." 
Thanks for all the input.  I really appreciate it! 

And yes, there's hardly a picture of me anywhere on the blog.  I'm behind the camera most of the time and like so many others, don't really enjoy having my picture taken.  But here's one of me and the kids (the kids and I), plus my ever helpful mom from our road trip out west last summer.  Once again, no makeup, though my hair is brushed...
Pike's Peak in Colorado

And courtesy of Katie...

And the rules are...

The recipients of this award are asked to answer the following questions, link to whoever awarded them and then pass it on to five, no six people (who they think will actually be willing to answer these totally intrusive and possibly inappropriate questions). Feel free to snag the badge too!

The questions & my answers:

1) What size shoe do you wear? If you wear a size 8 1/2*, can I borrow your shoes?
      8 1/2

* replace this with your shoe size!

2) 30's or 60's?

      Early 60's

3) Have you ever kissed someone you shouldn't have?

       Oh, a time or two.....
4) Have you ever been poisoned? Was it by the girlfriend of the person you kissed?? That is awesomely "Knot's Landing".

   If food poisoning counts, then yes!  But no, it wasn't by any girlfriends or was it?

5) Who's on your "Celebrity Free Pass" list (top 5)?
     This is the question that delayed me responding to the questionnaire.  I'm not really sure so I'll just throw some names out in no particular order...
   1.  Anthony Hopkins

   2.  Daniel Craig

   3.  Matthew Fox

   4.  Jake Gyllenhaal  

   5.  Curtis Stone

And the lucky six nominees that I'll pass the IAAT award on to...

Nicole over at Five and Counting...  
Angela from SewMentalMama 
Helen & Cara who write at Crafts for Boys (that counts for 2 since both ladies are definitely all that!)
Sarah at Apple of the Earth
Camille over at Creative Pursuits

Play along ladies if you want!


  1. Your girls DO look so much like you! It's amazing how strong our genes are. In fact, I blame my forward shoulder on genetics since it's clearly visible in all the people on my mom's side and in my kids, even though my kids haven't developed bad posture...yet. Bad posture makes it worse, but you inherit your bone structure. That's my story, anyway, heh!

    If your shoulders have that tendency, I can't really see it, but I do tend to get gaping at the back armhole, too.

  2. Cindy, I am no help at all when it comes to fitting, but the fit looked good in the picture where you had it pinned. I think I read somewhere the recommendation to go 2 sizes down on these patterns because of the ease, so you may end up also pinning the 12.

    I can't believe how like you, your girls are, especially M, and you look so young - genes are good for something :-)

    Thanks for the award - I'll play along.

  3. Joy, Blame it on the genes is always a good excuse! I try that when the kids misbehave and say it comes from my husband's side of the family. 'Cause of course, I've never ever done a thing wrong!

    I found out my mom has a couple of fitting books and she has plenty of back issues of Threads. After this next week, I'm definitely going to do my research and find out what exactly my particular fit issues are and what to do about them.

    Angela, I'm looking forward to your answers!
    I think with the other Lisette tops/dresses, I could go down 2 sizes since they don't seem quite as fitted. And yes, the girls are definintely mine...can't deny it, even on the days I wish I could!


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