Thursday, May 5, 2011

¡Feliz cumpleaños! to my Cinco de Mayo Baby

 All of my babies were born via c-section.  The first 2 (K & P) were not planned and ended up being done under emergency situations.  After that, I was told that any more babies would have to be planned c-sections.  It's a little daunting to choose your child's birthday.  K & P were both born on the 19th of their respective birthday months by chance.  For M, it would have been nice to choose the 19th so she could be like her older siblings but she needed to cook a little longer so we chose the 25th. Both mine and my husband's birthday fall on a 25th.  Then, along comes B.  The 19th was definitely not an option and the doctor was willing to do the 25th even though it would be a little early.  The ideal week to have her was the first week in May.  I didn't feel right choosing to deliver her any earlier than she needed to be and made an off hand comment about Cinco de Mayo.  My OBGYN thought that it was a wonderful idea and we were all set to schedule it.  However, in 2007 Cinco de Mayo fell on a Saturday.  Normally, hospitals/doctors won't schedule surgeries on the weekend because the anesthesiologists that are there are for emergencies.   I was willing to pick another date but my doctor made some calls and pulled some strings and we welcomed BK to the world on May 5!

 We knew we were in for it from the moment she was delivered and started screaming (and didn't stop!)
 2 days old and already trying to pull her sister's hair
 Turning 1...
3 and...

BK is our most challenging child but she's much loved and completes our family.

¡Feliz cumpleaños!
Happy 4th Birthday BK!


  1. Your baby's 4! Wow, how does that feel? She may be challenging but she is a cutie.

  2. She sounds just like my last girl... Planned birth on her grandmother's birthday (we thought it was a cool gift :))... And behaving like a Diva, from day 1!
    Happy birthday sweet girl! I hope many more will follow! :)

  3. Happy Birthday to BK!

    We have one of those challenging ones (: Something I've realized is that they make life challenging for themselves, too, not just their parents. Hopefully that means that when they're adults life won't knock them around as much.

  4. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl, what a lovely story - I had to Google Cinco de Mayo as I've never heard of it before.
    My 4 were also c-sections, no emergencies though, the first 2 just had no intention of coming out!

  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes! She had a fabulous day!


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