Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Hat or Two



Little Things to Sew Bucket Hat, size large

The top hat was made using left over fabric from MG's Easter dresses (2010 & 2011) and the bottom one  from BK's 2010 Easter dress and fabric from a pair of pants I made her in  2009.  The hat takes only 1/3 of a yard for each side so it's a great way to use up yardage that isn't quite big enough for anything else.  The brim is wide enough to shade the face from the sun but not so wide and floppy that it obstructs their vision.  So far, the hats are a hit with the youngest but MG's too worried that it will "make her hair messy".  She told me it might be okay for winter but not now.  I tried to convince her that she'd end up like mommy with a ton of freckles if she didn't protect her face but she's not buying it!


  1. Sweet! I made one for my Zachary too. What size did you make for your girls?

  2. Very sweet hats. Cute and practical (if you can convince them to use them!) I've made the Ottobre one - I guess one bucket hat is like another.

  3. Beautiful hats, Cindy!!! Where we live, hats are a must!!!


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