Monday, May 30, 2011

Beach Day

I have a few projects in the works (mostly in my head!heh) motivated by several sewalongs/challenges I've joined.   I'm cutting it close for the first one...the Groovy Bellbottoms Challenge which ends on June 1.  I have a pattern traced for one of the little girls but haven't worked any further on it.  The second, I haven't formally committed to doing but think it would be fun...Pattern Remix @ me sew crazy.   I frequently tweak patterns to get the look I want so it's only a matter of doing it and sharing before the June 10 deadline.  The third is the Oliver + S Family Reunion Sew-along that starts June 14.  I have the pattern but haven't decided who I'm sewing it for or what fabric I want to use. 

All sewing projects were temporarily put on hold due to a waterbed leak amid the in-laws visit that left us with no bed to sleep on.  While an air mattress works fine for camping, having it be your bed every night is quickly getting old.  It's no big surprise that it's hard to find replacement waterbed mattresses locally.  After all, who sleeps on a waterbed anymore?  The waterbed is the last piece of furniture from my husband's pre-wife and kids days and he's not letting go of it.  I have to admit, it's wonderful to sleep on while pregnant and when it's freezing cold out even if it is a little awkward to get in and out of.  We ended up ordering a replacement online.  In the meantime, since the bed is dismantled, we decided to paint our bedroom which necessitated the hold on sewing projects.  Except for one...
Kwik Sew 3785, front

Kwik Sew 3785, back
A new swimsuit for BK!
Kwik Sew 3785, XS, Chez Ami swimsuit fabric
The kids have been begging to go to the beach ever since the weather warmed up but M and B only had one swimsuit between the 2 of them.  It's been on my to-do list for months to sew them new suits but not until it was an absolute necessity did I get around to making one.  This was my first time using this Kwik Sew pattern.  I originally bought it because of the racer back.  The girls really like their Speedo swimsuits that are in the same style.  I wasn't sure about the back seam though and worried that BK would complain about it.  She's not even noticed!  I will lengthen the pattern an inch next go around so that the front sits a little higher.  The pattern has 2 lines on it, one around the chest and the other the hips, so you can lengthen/shorten it as needed.  I will definitely be using this pattern again for all of my girls. 
And I have to share a picture of my husband from today...
Surf's up!
He was a little dismayed at the picture I used of him on my blog header because the wave was so small.  So here's proof that he can (and does!) ride bigger waves!


  1. Oh that looks fun - the surfing that is! I'm impressed with your swimsuit. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Oof, a waterbed leak does not sound fun! But the beach does sound fun, hehe! And the new suit is cute - sure beats sharing a swimsuit with someone.

  3. Alisa, It is! We're hoping the kids show an far, P is the only one who has.

    Joy, Now I need to sew together the tankini that is like the ones you made. I cut it out of the polka dots but it's a little busy with the front and back inserts and there's no way the dots are lined up. I ordered some solid pink that I hope is a good match...I might try putting piping at those seams.


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