Friday, May 13, 2011

KCMC: Day 2

KCWC: Day 2, Hopscotch Owls
Oliver+S Hopscotch Top, Size 5
I didn't get as much done on Day 2 but I still managed to finish 1 Oliver+S Hopscotch top with short sleeves.  My youngest child helped by picking out the binding color.  The pink rib knit was from pattern pieces that were cut out 2 years ago for a tank top.  The last time I cleaned my sewing room, I realized that it was time to consign the pieces to the scrap bag.  There was no way it would fit either of the little girls anymore!  I had to stitch two smaller pieces together to get a long enough strip but it fit BK's requirement of bright pink

Hopscotch Owls paired with Sailboat Pants
The outfit was a hit at the dentist office Thursday afternoon as was MG's outfit of "skinny jeans" and "Hopscotch Meet Up".  It was pretty funny...the little girls were head to toe in clothes I made and even P had on a shirt I sewed.  It makes me feel good to see them choose mommy-made over store bought!

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