Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KCWC: Day 1

For Day 1, I sewed nightgowns for the little girls.  I was able to finish them in an afternoon because I let the little girls take a 'mental health' day and didn't have to juggle school drop offs/pick ups.  They did complain that they didn't feel good when they woke up and following P's barfing on his teacher last Thursday, I wasn't going to take a chance.  However, M and B are obviously not sick and have been enjoying an entire day filled with mischief and pretend play.  Back to school for the two of them!
KCWC Day 1: Nightgowns
Kwik Sew 3105, View B, XS (4/5)

I left off the ruffle around the bottom and used lingerie elastic for the neckline and armholes.  Otherwise, I followed the pattern.  I started to use my sewing machine to do a rolled hem but the fabric kept being eaten by my machine so the nightgowns will have to wait until Wednesday when I can use my mom's serger to do the hem. 

KS 3105 Nightgowns
The nightgowns met with approval!


  1. We all need mental health days now and then! The nightgowns are darling! I should sew up some for Miss M now that the weather is getting hotter. I realized last night she only has 1 pair of warm weather pj's!

  2. "Mental health" day. I like that. Hey, I could use one of those (:

    Those are great summer pjs. I need to make a bunch.

  3. Omigosh they are so precious. I am taking a mental health day this Friday and I CAN'T WAIT!


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