Sunday, May 8, 2011


Otherwise known as "Kids Clothes Week Challenge" over at elsie marley.

The premise is simple:  sew for at least an hour a day, for one week, for a kid!  There's even an elsie marley flickr group for sharing what you make. 
I shared a rather ambitious sewing list over at the flickr group: 
Little Girls
Class Picnic Shorts
Class Picnic Tops
BK's Easter/Birthday/Memorial Day? Smocked Dress
Seashore dress
Basic T-shirts
Bellbottom/Sailor Pants

Big Girl:

Lone Boy:
PJ shorts

Do I think I'll accomplish all of that?  Nope.  Half of my list?  Nope again.  2-3 items?  That's much more likely.  After Tuesday, my evening committments to children's sports end for the season so there will be more potential sewing time.  Not to say I'll use that extra time for sewing but it'll be there.

I've gotten a start by cutting out the Seashore Dress, 2 Nightgowns, 1 pair of PJ shorts for P, and a Class Picnic Set.  I also stocked up on a few notions that I might potentially need.   I'm all set for the kick-off tomorrow.  Start your machines!

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  1. That's some list! 2-3 items would be a great weeks work. I'm looking forward to see what you make.


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