Thursday, May 26, 2011

Margaritaville, Here I Come!

One of my all time favorite performers is Jimmy Buffett.  Ever since being indoctrinated into the Parrothead way of life in junior high by my long time friend Jenn, his music has been the soundtrack of my life.  It can be a miserably cold and gloomy winter day where nothing seems to be going right but pop in some Buffett and all the tension drains away.  Within seconds, I'm dreaming of hot summer days at the beach, hangin' in my flops with a cold margarita (on the rocks, of course!) in hand.  Thankfully, my husband and kids  parakeets are of the same frame of mind.  We all enjoy an afternoon spent at the beach!

Tonight, we're headed out minus the 'keets to enjoy listening to Buffett live.  John has plenty of Hawaiian shirts to wear but my wardrobe was lacking that tropical pop.  What to do?  Head to the sewing machine.

Jimmy Buffett Concert Attire

"Summer Nightie" from One Yard Wonders

No kids home sick today to take a picture of it on.  I'll pair it with jeans, flip flops, a white cami, and a lei for tonight. 

I sewed one other project from One Yard Wonders recently.  The Scrunchie Bag.  K had been thumbing through the book and wanted that bag.  We went fabric shopping together and she was planning on sewing the bag herself.  Well, one thing led to another and she didn't have much free time to work on it.  So, for her birthday, I sewed it up and filled it with her other presents. 
One Yard Wonder Scrunchie Bag12 years old
The only thing I changed was to cut off some of the height from the bag so it wouldn't be overwhelming on her.

My other latest and greatest sewing project has been the Class Picnic Shorts from Oliver+S.  I don't have the best pictures to show them.  I had every intention of having both of the little girls in their Class Picnic blouses and shorts but the elastic in M's blouse came undone.  I had to scramble for a shirt with red on it as we almost missed the kindergarten bus!  As you can see...the top I grabbed is awfully long and doesn't look so hot when I tucked it in to try and photograph the shorts.  See...


The shorts are really too big on M.  She's such a skinny little thing and has no bootie to speak of.  In fact, the size 5 shorts almost fit K before I put the buttonhole elastic in.

B has a stockier build so the shorts fit better on her.  But she wasn't too keen on having her picture taken.

Notice the pouty lower lip...



I'll leave you with a video of Jimmy B singing "We are the People".  My senior quote in high school was from this song..."We are the people our parents warned us about."  Enjoy the mid-80's video!


  1. Love the dress and shorts!! The red is killer - must copy!

  2. You've been a busy bee! I love your island top. It'll be perfect for the concert! Have fun!!

  3. Confession - don't know who Jimmy Buffett is - will have to listen to his clip! Love your top though :)

    Love the blue/red set on Miss B! (btw - is that some of the new DS fabric?)


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